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Shipping to the Philippines from the USA is hassle-free!

Are you looking to ship a package to the Philippines from the USA? Johnny Air Cargo, shipping to the Philippines from the USA is easy and hassle-free!

Overview of Johnny Air Hassle-Free Shipping from the USA to the Philippines

Johnny Air is a hassle-free shipping company that brings happiness to customers worldwide. Founded in 1984, Johnny Air's mission is to make sending items overseas quick and easy. 

With Johnny Air, you can ship packages from the USA to the Philippines without the hassle of traditional methods.

You can ship products, goods, items, and more to your loved ones in the Philippines quickly and affordably! The efficient service provided by Johnny Air connects hundreds of thousands globally, allowing them to experience fast, secure transfers.

Shipping with Johnny Air is tracked until delivery, so you never have to worry about where your packages are. 

Take out the stress of long-distance shipping with Johnny Air's hassle-free service – it's as easy as pressing a button!

Benefits of Johnny Air Shipping

Johnny Air is the ultimate solution for hassle-free shipping from the USA to the Philippines. With Kuya Johnny, you can now shop all your favorite stores in the U.S. and have your purchases delivered directly to any address in the Philippines.  

Here are many advantages to shipping through Johnny Air to get your items delivered stress-free. 

  • Johnny Air is reliable, fast, and secure, so you know your shipment will arrive safe and sound at its destination without any of the fuss usually associated with international shipping.

  • Johnny Air also allows you to track your parcels with advanced tracking technology, so you'll always know their whereabouts. Due to Johnny Air's advanced tracking capabilities, it'll be sure to lessen all your worries about presents getting lost in transit. 

  • Johnny Air's responsive customer service team is available all the time should you ever experience any questions or issues. 

  • Johnny Air offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping, so you no longer need to stress about where and how to send your packages.

  • Johnny Air has simplified the way we send packages abroad and makes it easy for you to care for yourself or your loved ones. 

  • Johnny Air has a pabili service, where we can purchase for you if you need a credit card or don't want to use your credit card for online shopping. We offer to use Johnny Air's credit card for your hassle-free purchase with minimal charge. For more detailed information on the step-by-step process with the pabili service, please visit our services

  • Johnny Air offers a free consolidation service for all your purchases in the USA that will be consolidated in our New York office. The consolidation process will take 7-10 days and will ship all of your orders from the USA to the Philippines in one box via our ICEBOX service. We offer to ship multiple items at once, so you can save on shipping costs with johnny air's free consolidation. 

  • Johnny Air accepts bulk shipments.

  • Johnny Air's efficient operations streamline sending overseas packages domestically and internationally, making this an invaluable service anyone can use in times of need or for everyday convenience.

Steps for Johnny Air Hassle-Free Shipping Process 

1.    Create Johnny Air Account

Visit our website Johnny Air Cargo and create a Johnny Air account. When you're done, you can shop and ship your orders at any time using Johnny Air. 

2.    Shop from any U.S. Website

After you've created your Johnny Air account, you can start shopping in any of your favorite U.S. online stores or websites.

3.     Ship to any Johnny Air USA Address and Receive Tracking Details

After you finalize your purchases and get ready to checkout. Indicate the shipping address of your choice. We have branches all over the United States, so you can choose whichever address is most convenient for you.  

4. Make Payment

Once your purchases arrive in the warehouse, you can now pay your shipping fees through PayPal or any credit card, then tracking details will be sent to you. Go to the johnny air cargo padala website for an easy transaction. 

Take note that shipping transit time from the U.S. to the Philippines is seven to ten days during off-peak seasons or ten to fourteen days during peak seasons. 

5.    Track Delivery Status 

You can confirm it and track its progress via email at to ensure all the details are correct and yours.  Track your package at Johnny Air Cargo Philippines Tracking  so you can stay updated on your item's delivery status and know when it's coming. 

6.    Get your shipment in the Philippines.

You can conveniently walk into one of our branch offices once the package arrives in the Philippines for easy pickup. Or whether you want the convenience of door-to-door delivery.

Tips for Successful Shipping with Johnny Air


  1. Double check address information before submitting the order.

  2. If possible, schedule pick-up or drop off times ahead of time.

  3. Confirm that Johnny Air can ship your items before ordering.

  4. Use Johnny Air's tracking feature to stay on top of the delivery status.

Johnny Air is the hassle-free way to ship from the USA to the Philippines. With Kuya Johnny's continuous commitment to providing excellent customer service, our shipping services are the perfect choice for anyone who needs items shipped to their loved ones in the Philippines. 

Johnny Air offers competitive rates, a superior approach, and convenience for those who want their packages on time and in one piece. Johnny Air does all this with all the time support and quick delivery tracking.

With Johnny Air, you can rest easy knowing that your package will arrive safe and sound at its destination! Take advantage of Johnny Air's stress-free, reliable shipping services. Give Johnny Air a try today and experience hassle-free shipping from the USA to the Philippines! 

For more information about how to ship with us, please go to our website, join our community in our Facebook group, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok for more updates. 

Thanks for reading - happy shopping and shipping!

Shipping to Philippines from USA is easy