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Customer Success Stories: How Johnny Air Cargo Helped Them with Shipping from the US to PH

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly ship their packages from the United States all the way to the Philippines? Well, today, we will share with you how Johnny Air Cargo makes it possible!

Johnny Air is proud of the stories our customers have shared, and in this article, we will share some of those customer success stories with you. You'll hear how Kuya Johnny provided excellent shipping services and solutions for people who needed to send packages quickly, easily, and hassle-free. These inspiring stories will show how reliable and convenient Johnny Air is as a shipping company from the USA to the Philippines. 

After reading this article, we hope you will be inspired to try out our services if you have any shipping needs. We are confident we can provide the same great experience many satisfied customers have enjoyed. So read on to find out more about Johnny Air Cargo's customer success stories!

Who Is Johnny Air Cargo?

Johnny Air is the premier provider of international shipping services from the United States to the Philippines. For over 39 years, Johnny Air has been providing the best shipping making it easy for businesses and individuals alike to transport their packages abroad with unbeatable prices on air freight services.

With more than three decades of experience in shipping logistics, Johnny Air Cargo has established itself as a trusted provider of shipping services to a wide range of customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an easy and reliable way to ship their packages from the United States to the Philippines. We understand how important it is for people to be able to send packages quickly, securely, and cost-effectively – that's why we strive to make sure every customer has a successful experience.


Success Story #1: Brian Calvert

“Our packages arrive, delivered right to the boat in the anchorage in Puerto Galera, you cannot beat that service! Thank you to Joy in NY and Christine in Manila for their great help and, of course, the good folks at PGYC.”

One of our most recent customer success stories comes from a family in the Philippines looking to ship goods to their home country. Brian Calvert is a customer who had a shipping need for his packages to be delivered from the USA to the boat in the anchorage in Puerto Galera. He needed his packages delivered to the boat in Puerto Galera, which can be a challenging location for shipping companies to reach.

Johnny Air Cargo provided a solution to Brian Calvert's shipping needs to deliver his packages to his boat in the anchorage in Puerto Galera. Johnny Air Cargo provided this service through the help of their team members, Joy in NY and Christine in Manila, who coordinated the delivery and ensured that it arrived safely and on time.

Therefore, Brian Calvert's packages were delivered to his boat in Puerto Galera, which was a convenient and efficient solution for him. He was able to receive his packages without having to worry about navigating challenging logistics.

Success Story #2: Criselda San

"Received today! I wish I had found out about Johnny Air before I heard about Shipping Cart. I would have saved myself a lot of headaches! Thank you for the excellent, trustworthy, and speedy service! And thanks to Christine for the personal attention to all my concerns and questions. Will definitely be recommending it to all my friends and family."

Criselda was looking to ship a package from her online order in the US to the Philippines. She didn't know Johnny Air before. Before, she had experienced a lot of headaches when shipping her orders. Until she researched different shipping companies and came across ours with excellent customer reviews, knowing that we specialized in international deliveries, she contacted us for assistance. 

As Ms. Criselda San said in our Facebook group post, she was surprised at what she experienced: not only did our friendly customer service Christine guide her through every step of the process, but she also provided excellent, trustworthy, and quick service. We eventually delivered the package on time, and now Criselda tells everybody about us!

Success Story #3: Raymond Calanasan

“I have nothing but praise for Johnny Air Cargo. Been a loyal customer since 2010. Zero lost package with them. Super fast transit time (average 6-10 days). Special mention to Ms. Leiden Godinez for her constant excellent assistance. Cheers to more years, Kuya Johnny!”

Johnny Air Cargo has been delivering packages and exceeding customers' expectations for years. Our reliable and efficient shipping services have made them a top choice for customers, including Raymond Calanasan, who has been loyal since 2010.

Raymond, like many customers, needed a shipping service that he could rely on to deliver his packages without any losses. He turned to Johnny Air Cargo, and he was not disappointed. He had nothing but praise for the company.

With an average transit time of 6-10 days, Johnny Air Cargo provided Raymond with a fast and efficient shipping service. He was impressed that he had not experienced any lost packages in all the years he had used the service.

As Raymond said in our Facebook group post, with Johnny Air, he experienced reliable and fast shipping services without any lost packages. He is a satisfied customer who plans to use the company's services for many more years.

Success Story #4: Jobel De Rosas

 “First time to use Johnny Air. Successful naman at sobrang babait ng mga kausap, from email, viber and messenger. Thank you so much, Johnny Air!”

Jobel De Rosas is a customer who recently used Johnny Air Cargo for the first time. She needed to ship items and chose Johnny Air Cargo to handle her shipment.

The outcome and benefits of Jobel De Rosas shipping were successful and positive. She picked up her package at Johnny Air Cargo's office, which suggests that the delivery was successful. As Ms. Jobel De Rosas said in our Facebook group post, she was satisfied with the service she received from us and found our staff to be very accommodating and friendly. Overall, she experienced a hassle-free and convenient shipping experience with Johnny Air Cargo.

Success Story #5: James Keating

"I’ve been using Johnny Air for 12+ years and they never disappoint. I have tried every service available, including direct shipping, and nothing can compete with the efficiency and customer service of Johnny Air. This latest shipment was the largest order, two large inflatable SUP boards (10 & 11ft), I was a bit nervous if I’m honest. But, the boxes arrived as usual, undamaged and on time. Thank you, Johnny Air!"

One of our many satisfied customers is James Keating, who has used our services for over 12 years. James recently ordered two inflatable SUP boards (10 & 11ft), and he chose Johnny Air Cargo to ship them.

We take pride in providing our customers with the best service possible, and we're thrilled that we exceeded James's expectations again. His boxes arrived undamaged and on time, just like we always do.

Therefore, the successful delivery of his two large inflatable SUP boards was done promptly and undamaged. He was grateful to Johnny Air for our efficient and reliable shipping services. He also appreciated the company's excellent customer service and efficiency, which is why he had been a loyal customer for over 12 years.



Why Johnny Air Cargo is the best Choice?

Johnny Air Cargo has been an outstanding partner for customers looking to ship from the US to the Philippines. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals and businesses with their shipping needs.

We understand your items' value, so we go out of our way to keep them in perfect condition while they're on their journey across the world.  Our top-notch customer service, comprehensive services, and competitive prices make us the clear choice when you need to get something shipped safely and reliably. Johnny Air Cargo has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of our customers.

As you consider your shipping needs, we encourage you to give Johnny Air Cargo a chance to demonstrate our excellence. Whether you're looking for an affordable shipping option or need help with a complicated shipment, we hope the stories we share will inspire you to try us.


If you need assistance with shipping from the US to the Philippines, please give us a call or visit our website today. Shipping with Johnny Air is easy and hassle-free – let us help you take care of your shipping needs so that you can focus on other things. Thanks for reading!

For more information about how to ship with us, please go to our website, join our community in our  Facebook group, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more updates. 

How Johnny Air Cargo Can Help Shipping to Philippines from the US