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Maximizing Savings: How Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service Helps Combine Multiple Orders from the USA to the Philippines

Shipping from the USA to the Philippines can be expensive, especially if you order multiple items from different online retailers or send multiple balikbayan boxes. However, there's a way to maximize your savings and reduce shipping costs: Johnny Air's free consolidation service. In this blog post, we'll discuss how this service works and how it can help you maximize savings and streamline the shipping process.


Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service is highly beneficial for your shipping needs. Combining your orders into a single shipment can significantly reduce shipping costs and overall spending. It's a smart and economical way to manage your shipments, helping you save money while ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

Moreover, Johnny Air's Delaware warehouse also provides an advantage for US online purchases. In addition to the free consolidation offered at their New York address, Delaware also offers free consolidation plus no sales tax, which means double savings. This double benefit means consolidating your orders for free and shipping them from zero sales tax in Delaware to your destination in the Philippines. Instead of paying local sales tax, you can allocate that amount to cover the shipping costs from the USA to the Philippines.

By taking advantage of Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service and the no sales tax benefits of the Delaware warehouse, you can maximize your savings and enjoy a more cost-effective and efficient shipping experience.

How Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service Works

Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service follows a straightforward process. 

Step 1: Sign Up an Account 

To get started with Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service, sign up for an account at


Step 2: Shop from Multiple US Stores

After registering an account, you can now start shopping from various US stores like Amazon, eBay, Khols, and many more taking advantage of sales, discounts, and promotions. During checkout, use this Johnny Air US address to ship your items.

New York  Address: 

Johnny Air/Your name
6904 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
Tel(718) 672- 7080

Delaware Address(No Sales Tax):

327 6th Avenue Unit A,

Wilmington, DE 19805,


Step 3: Register Your Tracking Number To the Dashboard

After ordering, Login at and register right away your tracking numbers in your dashboard

From Dashboard, Click "Add New Package" Then from the Order Type, choose "Consolidation." Then Fill out the Details Needed, Especially: Recipient, Vendor, Item Description, Item Value, and Tracking Number"

Step 4: Add the Item To Your Package and Save

After that, Click "Add item to your Package." Then once you already add all the items for consolidation, you can then now click "Save."

Step 5: Combining Orders into One Shipment 

At the warehouse, the Johnny Air team efficiently consolidates all the received packages into a single shipment, reducing the shipping costs per item.

Note: Maximum consolidation period is 10 days from the time of the first package for consolidation is received. At the end of the 10-day period, all the packages in the shipping cart will automatically be shipped.

Step 6: Payment and Shipping to the Philippines

Johnny Air offers a free consolidation service, but you'll have to pay for shipping. After your packages are combined at the warehouse, you can pay based on your consolidated package size, weight, value of the items, and delivery location. Then, log in to your Johnny Air account and request shipping to the Philippines. Your consolidated package will be sent and delivered to your preferred location.

Step 7: Tracking Your Package

Once you have paid, your package will be prepared for shipment, and you'll be able to track its whereabouts in your dashboard in real-time using the tracking system. 

Advantages of Using Johnny Air's Consolidation Service

Reduced Shipping Costs

The primary benefit of Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service is the substantial reduction in shipping costs. By combining multiple orders into one shipment, you pay significantly lower shipping fees compared to individual shipments.

Efficient Shipping Times

Consolidation offers both cost savings and efficient shipping. However, it's essential to consider that this process may involve waiting for the items to be completed before consolidation, which can lead to a longer overall waiting time, possibly up to 10 days.

Enhanced Security and Package Tracking

Johnny Air is a reliable freight forwarder that ensures the safety of the consolidated shipment and provides real-time package tracking, giving peace of mind throughout the shipping journey.

Tips to Further Optimize Savings 

1. Planning Purchases in Advance

By planning in advance, you can take advantage of Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service during seasonal sales and promotions, maximizing your savings.

2. Utilizing Discounts and Promotions

Being on the lookout for discounts and promotions allows you to save even more on purchases before sending them to Johnny Air for consolidation.

3. Taking Advantage of Sales and Seasonal Offers

Seasonal sales present excellent opportunities to shop for items at lower prices, leading to more substantial savings when combined through Johnny Air.

4. Monitoring Package Sizes and Weights

Being mindful of package sizes and weights during online shopping can help avoid unnecessary expenses on oversized shipments.

Feedback from Satisfied Customers
Johnny Air has garnered many positive feedbacks from satisfied customers who have successfully saved money using Free Consolidation Service.

"My first consolidation with Johnny. Special thanks to Ms. Che from Johnny Iloilo & Ms. Joy for their assistance." –  Fernando Agris

"Thanks to Johnny Air for taking care of my consolidated packages since 2020 via sea and air cargo. Very responsive & reliable staffs Ma’am Joy Duran, Sir Philippe Erwin Cunanan, Ma’am Praise Lopez & Sir Joshua. Fast shipping from New York to Manila." – Daniel NT

Maximize Your Savings with Johnny Air's Free Consolidation Service Now! 

Shipping from US to Philippines doesn't have to be expensive. Don't miss out on the opportunity to save money on shipping costs and simplify your online shopping with Johnny Air's free consolidation service when you send package to Philippines! Why wait? Sign up for an account today, start consolidating your orders, and unlock a world of cost-efficient international shipping that allows you to shop smartly and save significantly. 

To learn more about our shipping services on how to send package to Philippines, visit our website and be a part of our active community in our Facebook group. Stay updated by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Happy shopping!

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