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3 Convincing Reasons You Should Start Your Holiday Shopping Right Now

With global supply chain issues, shipping delays, and price increases threatening the economical benefits of the holidays, you need to get ahead with your Christmas shopping to take advantage of low prices and fast shipping. If you’re not convinced, read the three reasons you should be doing your holiday shopping right now.

It’s like a whole year just went by without anyone noticing, and before we even know it, Christmas will be knocking on our doors asking us to celebrate. The holiday season is just around the corner, which begs the question: have you done your holiday shopping yet? 

You might be surprised we’re asking you this early, with annual Christmas shopping usually scheduled about two weeks prior to December 25. But this year is going to be a whole different ball game. People are doing their Christmas shopping earlier, and we found three convincing reasons for it. 

Supply Chain Problems 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its presence known in almost all areas of life — the global supply chain unexempted. Because of the strict health and safety protocols being observed by businesses, global supply is taking the hit with staff shortages, schedule compromises, and shipping delays.

Because of these challenges, retailers are also put in a tough spot, trying to source out their materials and merchandise and having to pay an extra cost just to get the goods to their warehouse and to end customers quickly. 

Some of the extra expenses are passed down to the customer as well, resulting in price increases on merchandise or more expensive shipping fees. According to Deloitte, shoppers should expect to spend 7% to 9% more on Christmas gifts this year than ever before. 

Shipping Delays

Shipping delays are inevitable during peak seasons, especially with staffing and container shortages, supply chain issues, and the rising cost of merchandise looming. Couriers are having to divert packages to other routes due to congestion in shipping hubs, which consequently adds more days to the parcels’ expected time of arrival.

Logistics experts warn that if you don’t do your Christmas shopping now, you risk your gifts arriving long after the holidays come to a close. Johnny Air Plus will do its best to get your packages to arrive on time. But you also have to do your part and begin placing your orders and shipping to the Philippines as early as possible. 

Early Holiday Sales 

Retailers are offering discounts and deals well before the holidays. E-commerce holiday sales events have come in congruence with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and are lasting only a couple of days before Christmas Eve. 

If you want to save big on holiday gifts, it’s a good idea to start shopping now to take advantage of price drops and big deals. Otherwise, you can expect higher prices in the days leading up to the holidays. 

Kickstart Your Christmas Shopping and Ship With Johnny Air Plus 

Christmas shopping this year is going to be a little different, considering the issues currently faced by retailers and logistics companies. To avoid high prices and shipping delays, we recommend that you start shopping for gifts as early as now and engaging Johnny Air Plus to get your packages right on time for Noche Buena. 

Learn more about how to ship with us on our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for further announcements and notices on shopping and shipping during the holiday season. 

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