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You Shop, We Ship serves Metro Manila area only

 Shop in the United States without a visa or even a passport! With Johnny Air You Shop, We Ship, you can shop in most U.S. stores or sites from your desk, and rely on Johnny Air Cargo to deliver it to you without fuss and with very reasonable cargo rates. With Johnny Air, you will have a receiving U.S. address, and your goods will be delivered to you quickly minus the exorbitant shipping charges and the custom duties and taxes. It’s hassle free internet shopping without the risks of using your credit card or opening a Paypal account. After all, shopping should be fun. Leave the hassle to us. You shop. We ship!

It’s Easy. Shop online and have your online orders shipped to any of our US and Hongkong offices.

It’s Convenient. Just sign-up with us FOR FREE.

It’s Safe. Use our company credit card, no worries using your own credit card online.

It’s Inexpensive. With low, fixed rates and no hidden charges, you never spend more than you planned.

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